In Dreams We Rot



Fiction like a fever dream…

A voyeur suddenly becomes the one being watched, terrifying beasts are stitched together, strange new insects appear, ancient sex gods rise, and an island on the brink of madness falls apart.


Betty Rocksteady’s debut collection blends surrealism and horror, tearing apart tropes as words bleed and transform down unexpected avenues of nightmare logic. These twenty stories run the gamut from splatterpunk to somber. They’re hot and wet and nasty, guaranteed to leave you with an unspeakable sense of dread.


The Writhing Skies

THE SKY IS HUNGRY. Glowing lights and figures in tattered robes force Sarah from her apartment. Outside, phosphorescent creatures infiltrate her every orifice. They want to know everything, especially the things she would rather forget.

Featuring 20 black and white illustrations.

Like Jagged Teeth

The guys following her home are bad enough, but when Jacalyn’s Poppa comes to the rescue, things only get worse. After all, he’s been dead for six years. There’s no time to be relieved, because when she ends up back at Poppa’s new apartment, nothing feels right. The food here doesn’t taste how food should taste. The doors don’t work how doors are supposed to work. And something’s not right with Poppa. Guilt and sickness spiral Jacalyn into a nightmarish new reality of Lynchian hallucinations and grotesque body horror.



Hatred and desire collide when the girl next door is a giant spider

Alex’s arachnophobia may be old fashioned, but he’s able to live a life of relative peace despite it. That all changes when a spider moves in next door. His girlfriend is sick of his attitude and begs him to give the new neighbor a chance. He overcomes his fear, but finds a twisted sexuality in its place. His attraction to the spider affects all areas of his life, and changes everything he thought he knew.

Short Fiction

Online Reading:

"The Wretched Pet" at Grevious Angel

Something beautiful sheds its skin.


"You" at The Cult of Me

You shouldn't read this.


"Oneirokinesis" at FunDead Publications

They always connected best in dreams.


The Backwards Path to the Limbus

Labyrinthine cat mythos.


Magazines and Anthologies:


"Opportunists" in Devolution Z

A cat inadvertently unleashes a demonic presence.


"Alice Blue" in Bards and Sages Quarterly

When family duty calls, there is no choice but to answer.


"These New Appetites" in Fucked Up Fairy Tales Volume One

Wherein a girl falls madly in love with a wolf.


"This Narrow Escape" in Kzine Issue 14

Life can get pretty constricting in a dead-end relationship.


"What Clayton Found" in Not Your Average Monster Volume II

The woods are dark, the woods are deep, and cryptids lurk just out of sight.


"The Desert of Wounded Frequencies" in Lost Signals

Beneath the crackling static, there is something breathing, and sometimes it screams.


"The Monster I Became" in Turn To Ash Volume 1

Sometimes there is only one way to deal with bullies.


 "Postpartum" in Eternal Frankenstein

Children aren't always enough to fill that void in your heart.


"The Taste Of Sand On Your Lips" in 555: Vol. 2: This Head, These Limbs

55 words. 55 stories. A broken world, a coming storm.


"I Can Taste The Blood" in I Can Taste The Blood (Flash fiction winner, ebook version only)

She sleeps with crows.


"Lullabies From The Formicary" in Turn to Ash Volume 2

I think they're in the phone. Can you hear them?


"Larva, Pupa, Moth" in Dark Moon Digest #26

 No one else seemed to find it strange, but it just kept growing.


"Lonely Hearts Club" in Siren's Call Ezine #31 (originally published in Ravenwood Vol. 1)

On our fifth date, I ripped his heart out.


"These Beautiful Bones" in DOA III

It was so intimate to touch this part of a stranger, the deepest insides, the last piece that remained.


"The Botany of Desire" in Unnerving Magazine: Issue 3

Grass crackled beneath his feet and the screams of tiny budding flowers erupted.


"Dusk Urchin" in Looming Low

Have you ever seen that little girl before?


"Something is Coming" in Turn To Ash Vol. 3

something is coming something is coming something is coming


"The Language of the Mud" in Utter Fabrication

Ever since my father disappeared, I can't stop staring at the earth that swallowed him whole.


"Our Feral Skies" in Dark Moon Digest #29

The dark stain unravelled and blinked.


"Elephants That Aren't" in Lost Films

More elephants, fleshy trunks gripping the withered tail of the one ahead, the saxophone screaming, they spilled across the screen, movements exaggerated, somehow nauseating.


"The Woods, The Waterfall" in Deciduous Tales Issue 2

The doctors can't help her son, not now.


"Tiny Bones Beneath Their Feet" in Dark Moon Digest #34

The grave was rough-hewn but neat, dug out a long time ago with teeth and claws, kept tidy over the years by Harold's hands, and perhaps the hands of others.


"When She Came, Everything Fell Apart" in Forbidden Futures #3

 The gag muffled the Mad Empress' moans, the cryptic intonations of her spell lost beneath the murmur of the crowd.


"The Pain, The Heat, The Blood" in Dig Two Graves:  An Anthology Volume II

This is not his house anymore. His ghost only has the weight I give it.